A Luxury Beauty House Of Brands

The beauty segment in India has grown drastically in the past few years. For customers, make-up and skincare are no longer considered just an occasion based need, but a form of individual expression for everyday life.

This change in attitude has led to a large number of international brands flocking to India, a clear threat to established players.

To turn this worry into an opportunity, Shoppers Stop approached us to help them develop a one stop premium, world class retail destination for Indians with higher beauty aspirations, making it a clear differentiator from mass market brands.

We created ‘Arcelia’, a luxury beauty house of brands. It’s a shopping experience not just intended to facilitate buying, but also designed for customers to discover fashion trends, find answers to common concerns and opportunities to engage in deeper beauty discussions.

Unlike the standard convention in beauty retail of depending on gloss black finishes for a store look, Arcelia, instead, uses a very premium white and gold palate. This approach not only helps in setting a distinct presence, but also accentuates and complements the colours of the brands and products on display.

The highlight of the store is the central core beauty hub. Here, products are arranged not by brand, but instead by trends and looks – what customers are actually interested in.  By doing so, we are curating based on their real needs and requirements.

The store is sprinkled with try-out stations and interactive tables to provide digital inspirations for customers through assisted tutorials and new looks, encouraging customers to play and explore, to give them the confidence to buy.

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