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The automotive world has changed radically and so have customer behaviours, expectations and needs. With powerful technology and a world of choice at their fingertips, people are looking for experiences that acknowledge and empower them. BMW Penthouse rises to the occasion, pioneering a new era of customer-centric retail.

We drew inspiration from the epitome of modern luxury living in China, the Penthouse; designing the space around a series of room-sets that each have their own purpose but work together seamlessly to create a coherent whole. These room-sets allow each car series to communicate their individual narrative whist seamlessly connecting to each other.

Service is at the core, from the concierge-style welcome to cafes, a library and seating throughout the space that make customers feel welcomed and comfortable.

Throughout the Penthouse, from the welcome concierge to product exploration and the magical moment of handover, technology enables and enhances the experience. From powerful moving image bringing the thrill of the brand to life, to intuitive and comprehensive product information totems, the technology is relatively subtle, but a major part of the overall experience.

The physical, human and digital elements of the store are seamlessly knitted together to create a third space where people simply want to visit and spend time in beyond the cars.

The result is a completely new customer-centric dealership concept that looks, feels and behaves like a boutique luxury hotel or welcoming Penthouse apartment. The Penthouse concept will roll out to all 540 dealerships in China.

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