BOLD Day, Singapore


A few weeks ago, our FITCH Singapore office had our annual BOLD Day, this year our day was filled with growth and team building fuelled by the theme of ‘Five Senses’. Most of us tend to rely heavily on our sense of sight in our day-to-day and the day was designed to isolate and cycle through our sense of touch, smell, hearing and taste.

Starting two weeks prior BOLD Day, we started giving out clues in the office to encourage everyone to figure out the theme and activities we would take part in during the day.

On the day, we took the FITCH team through the below:

9am — A Nourishing Start
Beginning our day with healthy shakes and bites at Shake Farm HQ, it’s safe to say some of the team consumed a year’s worth of our five a day quite quickly indulging our taste buds.

10am — Sound Healing
Guided by Wendy at the beautiful Space2B studio, we were taken through a gong meditation. The hour long session was designed to release tensions and stimulate circulation through the gong reverberation. We were given eye masks to focus our mind and the sense of sound around us.

1pm — Dining in the Dark
Having a meal in absolute darkness was an entirely new experience for everyone in the team. With sight being our main driver, it was disarming to completely surrender our dominant sense, even temporarily. Facilitated by the amazing staff at NOX Dine in the Dark, we had fantastic time on a journey of taste and texture over 4-courses. We had many spirited discussions on the identity of the dishes we were having – beef or lamb, lemon or lime? Food for thought indeed!

3pm — Fragrance Design
After the morning’s sensory experiences, we had the opportunity to design our own unique fragrance formula, sending our noses into overdrive. We were able to first explore the different fragrances and notes, and then created our own concoctions – naming and bottling our original 20ml Eau de Parfum to take with us.

We ended our day with a sensory overload at Karaoke – filled with drinks, disco lights and a daring rendition of Single Ladies to close off our day.

We were glad to be given the opportunity to plan our very own BOLD Day at FITCH Singapore. We wanted the team to experience new activities, be re-energized by good experiences, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s safe to say it was a success and there were some great memories made!

By Vanessa Yeo, Designer at FITCH Singapore

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