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Bordrin is a new Chinese electric car brand set to transform the automotive industry in China and internationally. The company’s vision is to create smart transportation that improves the quality of life in China.

FITCH has built the brand with a consumer centric approach that focuses on user lifestyle and meaningful experiences that seamlessly connect drivers with their city through Bordrin’s AI assistant and other sustainable mobility solutions.

For Bordrin to win share of voice in China’s automotive industry from the launch, FITCH created local insight led strategy around consumers, competitors, and the company.

The automotive market is shifting from a mere product relationship to now requiring greater empathy. Key findings include: Consumers are trading up to premium and differentiated car brands and are looking for high quality products that fulfil their basic human needs whilst being technologically advanced; and Competitors either have a long-standing brand presence or are NEVs that have focused more on product features than user-experience.

The tagline developed for Bordrin: ‘Be There With You’ allows customers to identify with and connect to the brand and their environment. In line with Bordrin’s mission to create smart transportation.

The Bordrin visual identity system is inspired by the unique 53° Angle from the wordmark. It’s a bold approach that communicates the brand’s personalities: Reliable, Forward-thinking, Fun along with the dynamic colour scheme and imagery style.

Set to redefine smart mobility via technology innovation, Bordrin launched at its ‘Be There With You’ Brand Night event on 11 April, 2019 in Shanghai with over 900 guests including media, key business partners, investors and Chinese actor Lin Gengxin 林更新 showed up to support.

Bordrin also made their first public appearance from 16-25 April at Auto Shanghai 2019, with the stand designed by FITCH.

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