On February 28th, I was honoured to host the first Extraordinary by Design sharing session here at the Hong Kong studio. Born out of the goal to glean new insights into design, branding and what is going on inside the minds of a dynamic, creative group of talented individuals, the first sharing session featured some of the most innovative and engaging ideas in the world of design.

To make the activity fun and engaging, FITCHers in Hong Kong were pitted against each other to present the most thought-provoking design concepts.

First place went to this steamy Valentine’s Day campaign by McDonald’s Thailand, presented by Steven Gao:

The ad features close-up images of lovers leaning in for a kiss. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that one of the couple’s faces is actually a McDonald’s burger in the shape of a person’s side profile. The idea behind it was that whatever your relationship status, you can always enjoy your favourite McDonald’s burger on Valentine’s Day. Additionally, it ties in perfectly with McDonald’s global tagline, “I’m loving it”. 

Coming in a close second and taking everyone by surprise was a TikTok collaboration of 3 DJs who did daily live streams during the coronavirus outbreak for those who could not go out and party, bringing fresh entertainment to viewers in the comfort of their own homes. The idea was submitted by Eugene Lai.

A monthly occurrence, the Extraordinary by Design sharing session will be a highlight of studio life here in Hong Kong.

By Alison Li, Copywriter at FITCH Hong Kong
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