Infusing Innovation with Roman Heritage

Creativity; excellence the world over; words synonymous to the Italian luxury jewelry brand Bulgari, which never ceases to breakthrough with its exquisite craftmanship and unwavering belief in innovation.

With an inexhaustible desire to celebrate their Roman heritage while also looking to the future, Bulgari is continually looking for new ways to express their creativity and innovation, from highly distinctive jewellery to new watch ranges and the company’s portfolio of branded hotels worldwide. To be launched in 2022, Bulgari’s new hotel in Rome is envisioned as an exceptional homage to the home of the brand and its greatest source of inspiration.

As the co-author of Bulgari’s omnichannel strategy for China, FITCH has helped the brand to reach customers anytime in China, by seamlessly combining e-commerce and social media into the digital strategy to enhance the physical retail and human service model. We brought experiential context and consumer insights to the brand’s heritage and DNA, blending modernity with classicism. We also closely contributed to Bulgari’s go-to-market business plan for e-commerce, which delivers aggressive commercial objectives.

A brand renowned for its innovation and mastery of craft the world over, is now positioned to deliver innovation and mastery of omnichannel experiences in China.

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