Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month marks the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Tuen Ng Festival. In Hong Kong, families and friends get together to watch dragon boat races held across the city while enjoying traditional rice dumplings. FITCH Hong Kong has a long-standing connection with the festival. 

To celebrate the spirit of solidarity and hope, Jonathan Cummings, President of Landor and FITCH Greater China, and his friends founded the dragon boat team “Panda Paddlers” in 2009, dedicated to raising money for charity (as well as winning trophies). The team grew to become possibly the world’s largest and over the years many FITCHers have participated. Their efforts have helped to raise more than $3million for the Cambodian Children’s Fund, a charity that helps fund the education and health of some of Cambodia's most impoverished communities.

Although all large scale events this year, including dragon boat races, are postponed to October due to health concerns amid Covid-19, we remain high-spirited. We threw a small party last week at our campus to celebrate the festival and our partnership with our clients—while complying with social distancing restrictions of course!

To find out more about the Cambodian Children’s Fund, visit www.cambodianchildrensfund.org.

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