Driving Human Progress to Life at Retail

Since 2008 we’ve been working globally with Dell to make the brand more accessible and experiential at retail to consumers across the world. Dell pioneered business-to-business e-commerce, offering custom configuration and online computer purchase and becoming one of the largest brands in the sector. Over the past twelve years we have helped bring the Dell vision of developing technologies to drive human progress to life at retail.

“We share a vision of a future that is better than today.”
—Michael Dell, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dell

Turning challenges into opportunities, Dell has successfully diversified their business by driving growth in their consumer business. As Dell’s creative partner since 2008, FITCH has been working to transform the brand at retail, helping them move offline and into people’s lives. Our works include retail branding, consumer communications, product launches and fully immersive experiential displays. We created Dell’s first interactive in-store experience, fully showcasing the capabilities of its amazing XPS laptop. When our partnership started, Dell had no retail outlets; now there are over 60,000 globally.

Our partnership extends to Asia where we have adapted the brand to make it relevant and enticing to audience groups in different markets; with a particular focus in China and India. For the China market, a new retail upgrade concept for shopping mall store opened in Beijing earlier this month, putting customer experience at the heart of the design. This project aimed to elevate the premium positioning of the brand and enhance product navigation while expressing Dell’s unique brand essence fior a Chinese audience. With a significant increase in footfall, this concept has been very well-received amongst retailers. Plans have been made to roll out the concept across China in the coming months, which will serve to further strengthen the brand’s retail network. In addition, we have also launched a series of innovative window display concepts for Alienware, seeing great success in driving brand awareness and creating stopping power in the crowded retail space.

Moving forward, a global retail harmonization project is currently in the works. The vision is be to create a stronger and differentiated retail image in a competitive marketplace, and further connect with younger customers through our engaging in-store experience. China will be the first market to adapt this new design scheme.

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