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Domino’s is a widely loved brand in India, responsible for popularising pizza in the country. It’s famous for striking emotional chords through its communications, speedy delivery and tasty food. However, this magic and joy has never quite translated to its restaurants. Their outlets were mainly functional spaces offering a limited sense of experience.

FITCH was commissioned to re-think Domino’s entire dine-in experience. Our aim was to bring ‘Celebration of Food’ to life. From the physical space and food packaging to the staff uniforms and human rituals, we focused on two aspects: simplifying and personalising the dine-in journey.

At the new Domino’s, customers are welcomed by an inviting store exterior featuring a digital screen displaying exciting brand offers. Once inside, customers are warmly greeted by a ‘Hearty Host’ who guides them to a digital order kiosk with an easy to follow menu, offering inspiration and assistance – making the order process quicker and less overwhelming.

While waiting, customers can watch their pizza being made at the ‘Pizza Theatre’. From reorganising the kitchen, the production process becomes a feature. When their order arrives, it’s served in personalised packaging.

Different seating zones appeal to different needs, from long stay dine-in to take-out. The ‘Pizza Pavilion’ offers booth seating with warm-tone materials and fun filled illustrations that provide a higher level of comfort and encourage longer dwell time. The ‘Community Zone’ is for larger groups and the ‘Quick Stay’ space is for customers looking for a quick bite.

The overall experience has significantly changed. From utilitarian to much more personalised moments, our work has elevated the joy of Domino’s pizza by delivering a holistic and engaging experience.

Experience by: FITCH India

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