Infusion bar & kitchen

After their first foray in the F&B space, Loft, turned into a roaring success, ZEE5 (Zee Entertainment Enterprise’s OTT platform) wished to venture into the world of bars as well, with FITCH once again commissioned to help them achieve this desire.

Considering the nightlife space is a dense, cluttered market with almost no barrier of entry, our concern was—how do we make sure we stand out? Looking at the category as a whole, we spotted a clear opportunity to design something unique through a brand experience that is agile, alive and ready to transform basis guests’ needs.

We created EDGE, a unique go-to destination for world class day-to-night food, drink and immersive entertainment. A third space to meet, relax, play, share and have fun. A ‘my space’ that embraces seasonality to create an ever changing theatre of curated dishes. A restaurant and bar with its own unique personality.

What makes this unlike any other? A flexible duality that effortlessly adapts itself across day/night and weekdays/weekends. An opportunity to relax, sit and sip with the ability to effortlessly turn into a place to celebrate, drink and dance.

Experience by: FITCH India

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