Eu Yan Sang
Ancient Remedies for Modern Life

Eu Yan Sang is the only traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) brand in Singapore that scientifically tests its ingredients for efficacy. With history and tradition embedded with older generations, Eu Yan Sang was facing the challenge of resonating with a new generation that perceive TCM as being irrelevant, too traditional, and difficult to comprehend how it benefits their lifestyle. Repositioning the brand would take time but Eu Yan Sang needed a quick win that can start a new conversation with millennials.

The brand wanted to create an attractive pop-up environment at The Library, a speakeasy bar on popular Keong Saik Street that attracts their target audience. We identified four key points that anchor our touchpoints that range from the esoteric to category defying:

1. Highlight the artisanal spirit of the brand
Eu Yan Sang uses only premium quality ingredients, sourced ethically and produced with care. The problem is that millennials find Eu Yan Sang’s retail navigation convoluted and overwhelming, so it becomes difficult to learn about TCM in a clinical, uninviting environment. We created a less intimidating pop-up environment where people can feel invited to enter, explore and converse with staff, their way.

2. Celebrate TCM’s rich history
To encourage exploration, we created a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ to display Eu Yan Sang’s extensive library of 49 herbs. Visitors were able to hold and smell the herbs, which were categorised into various energy groups. By revealing the quality of the ingredients, visitors became aware of the process behind TCM and how it benefits their modern lifestyle.

3. Be honest and emotive
To elevate trust and enhance connection to the brand, we created a set of touchpoints that introduce a brand promise that is fun and engaging. Tongue-in-cheek posters redefined the brand voice and “four-tune” cards were provided as remedies for hangovers and other modern health problems. Visitors could also discover their drinking personality by a taking a survey on a digital display.

4. Be bold
To further push expectations, we created a dynamic, vibrant environment that redefines how TCM can be communicated and become relevant for millennials.

The sensorial pop-up experience was a success in increasing brand awareness, encourage engagement, interaction and social sharing of visitors’ experience through an effective storytelling and ‘story-doing’. This led to Eu Yan Sang winning two awards at the Marketing Events Awards 2017: Gold for Best Media Event and Bronze for Best Pop-up Store.

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