FITCH Friday Five, India’s Inspiration Sessions

As a creative agency we inspire our clients through our passion, work and thinking. But where do we get our inspiration from? In truth, inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere, this is especially true in Mumbai, a city that can be described as a riot of vibrant sights and sounds.

But in addition to our surroundings and environment, at FITCH we try to tap in to India’s tremendous talent pool and learn from thought leaders and pioneers. The ‘FITCH Friday Five‘ – yes, as the name suggests, they are held every Friday at 5pm! – act as our organised inspiration sessions. Each week we invite an external speaker from India’s design and digital community to share their expertise and knowledge.

We have welcomed specialists from all fields, including graphic designer and type specialist Shiva Nallaperumal. Author, Mark Hannant spoke to us about his latest publication, Midnight’s Grandchildren, an illuminating book about India’s influential millennials. Priyanka Shah shared her fantasy graphic world of botanicals and in contrast to natural beauty, Design Innovation Lab focussed on tech, carrying out a digital workshop for us.

Maintaining these sessions provides the perfect way to wind down after a hectic week, and fire up our creative thinking for the next.
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