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Mark D’Costa, Managing Director at FITCH India, recently gave his thoughts on Facebook’s rebrand to the Economic Times in India.

Judging a design without context can get highly contentious and subjective. The question many are asking is “Does it look good?” but another point to consider could be “Is it serving its intended purpose?”

According to Facebook, this branding activity has taken place to establish two entities by separating the company from the app.

Is the new identity achieving this goal?

In a sense, yes. There is a clear difference between the two wordmarks. The App’s, with its soft, round, lowercase type evokes the approachable friendliness of the site. While the Company’s identity has taken a serious, yet neutral approach to its logo, showcasing them as multifaceted conglomerate.

But, is this enough?

If this is simply a corporate exercise meant primarily for internal use, then it’ll serve its purpose well enough.

However, instead, if Facebook has greater aspirations of creating some form of meaningful business difference with this new identity, then this attempt clearly misses the mark.

Just by creating two different logos, Facebook hasn’t created two distinct personalities.

Labelling WhatsApp, Instagram etc. as ‘from FACEBOOK’ signals that the company is losing relevance and wants to repurpose the brand by borrowing equity from their successful brand portfolio.

By retaining the same name, the lines between the Company and App remains quite hazy. While this is proof that they still have faith in the brand name and don’t feel it’s something to shy away from, it speaks of a missed opportunity for Facebook to have re-contextualized their purpose to the world.

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Mark D’Costa, Managing Director, FITCH India

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