FITCH RAW, Spring 2019

LASALLE College Of Arts


Every year, our team at FITCH Singapore puts forward a live brief to students at select design schools within Singapore. These opportunities to work with students keep our team abreast of the fresh talent entering the industry.

This March and April, we gave 2nd year students from Lasalle Design Communications four weeks to answer a brief provided to them by our Design Director. The brief was to revive a defunct brand and find a way to make it relevant to the present cultural landscape.

Students were given a list of brands to choose from including Vertu, Tower Records, Borders and Pan American Airlines. They were then asked to build and apply a new brand identity based on the intended target audience and initial background research of the original brand. The identity would then be expanded on to a chosen print or digital touchpoint. The students would then have to explain their thinking in a final presentation.

Despite the short timeline provided, the students came up with several unexpected approaches and impressed our team with their insight and creativity. We look forward to the next time!

By May Lim, Senior Designer at FITCH Singapore

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