FITCH RAW, Spring 2020

Glasgow School of Arts


For its third consecutive year, FITCH RAW, a collaboration between FITCH Singapore and The Glasgow School of Arts (GSA), Singapore Interior Design programme, continues to push boundaries for experiential design thinking in both the design industry and schools. The partnership promotes a close conversation with new talents entering the design scene.

Earlier this year, our design director provided a brief to GSA’s 4th year students on creating a signature hotel experience in Singapore that is unique to a selected persona. Students are given two days per week to focus on the brief, spanning a 4-week period to execute their proposals, with weekly supervision from FITCH.

Two personas were created: A male British business traveller looking for a layover hotel, and a female local who is seeking for a staycation. After each team selected a persona, the students developed their customer through interviews and research while brainstorming ideas, to identify the customer’s pain points and opportunities. The process gave insights to assist students in designing bold and genuine customer journeys and touchpoints, creating a differentiating hotel experience.

Within a progressive timeline, the students impressed the FITCH team with their hard work and creativity. Two teams were awarded for their exceptionally meticulous and out-of-the-box proposals. For the final presentation, we improvised our yearly tradition and invited all the participating students to our new WPP office location at Robinson Road, to attend the two winning team’s project presentations, along with good food, drinks and an engaging design dialogue.

By Jayden Sim, Senior Designer at FITCH Singapore
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