Janice Siu, Executive Director at Landor & FITCH Greater China, recently shared on cable television her insight on what makes brands stand out and how FITCH uses a data-driven approach to design brand experience that suits today’s customers. We captured her conversation below.

Hi Janice, thank you for joining Money Facetime today. I tend to buy products from the brands that impress me in their retail store. How about you?

The design of a physical store catches my eyes, but the distinctive customer experience wins my heart. I would be more likely to make an impulse purchase from the brands that deliver a customer centric experience, even though the products and services are not on my shopping list.

As a leading branding consultancy, how does FITCH build standout brands?

To build an iconic and a differentiated brand, we would start with its brand positioning by pinpointing the unique selling points of a brand, finding out and addressing the needs of its target audience and understanding the performance of the brand against its competitors. From this point, we design brand assets and experience across touchpoints, connecting businesses and customers to the brand and creating brand-led growth.

Expectations for a brand vary from person to person, how do you capture customers’ core needs?

Yes, that’s why data plays a crucial role here. FITCH has developed Experience Themes and mapped them against the world’s largest consumer data from BrandZ. It identifies the experiences of 650,000 consumers expect from 23,000 brands globally across 257 categories. We then compare the data against its competitors and analyse the challenges and opportunities for the brands.

How do brands stay relevant in the age of digital transformation, as well as in this challenging time? Can you give us an example?

It’s all about the connection and interaction with the customers, and service is the key. Singtel UNBOXED is a great example that ushers in a new era of retail, even amid the Covid-19 outbreak. It is the world’s first 24/7 unmanned portable store in telco industry; it brings together state-of-the-art physical, human and digital elements to deliver a full range of seamless retail experience. The store provides easy, intuitive access to core self-service transactions. Over and above this, enhanced services such as access to expert help, exploration and purchase of new devices offer customers a full Singtel retail experience. Despite being ‘unmanned,’ it is a highly human-centric experience. Facial recognition ensures that the experience is highly personalised throughout and if expert help is needed, service staff are available 24/7 via video kiosks or roaming bots. 

UNBOXED truly bridges the distance between Singtel and its customers without physical contact whilst offering high quality service.

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