The ISDI | WPP School of Communication is an educational collaboration between WPP and the School of Design & Innovation, one of India’s foremost design institutions that gives undergraduates and postgraduates of today a firm footing for their lives as communication experts of tomorrow.

For students, a key benefit of this partnership is not only receiving a strong academic and theoretical education, but also developing practical experience of how what they learn is implemented in the field through their access to the WPP network.

One of the many ways this occurs is the annual ‘Career Café’, an interactive platform for 355+ students to meet leading WPP agencies with the goal of learning and exchanging ideas and opportunities.

FITCH was one of the participating companies this year, and through the day had the delight to engage with the around 50 bright, young minds via personal one-on-one counselling sessions. This not only gave us a chance to understand their passion and aspirations, but also help them channel it in the right direction.

Hopefully, thanks to events and interactions such as this, a few students might be calling themselves FITCHers in the coming future too.

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