Hindware Lacasa
Retail that is Good for the Soul

For nearly a decade, FITCH India has partnered with Hindware, one of India’s leading sanitaryware brands. Our work has included carrying out their corporate rebrand, the creation of new consumer facing brands and the design of multiple retail formats, with our latest being ‘Lacasa’, their flagship experience store.

Lacasa is a response to the evolution of the consumer. Bathrooms were once functional purchases, now they are places where people refresh themselves and relax. Hindware wanted this shift in experience to be reflected at retail as well.

Our 5,400 sq.ft. centre offers a series of discoveries designed to take the visitor on a sensory journey of inspiration. Built around the big idea of “Soul Spa”, the space focusses as much on creating a calming environment as it does on showcasing Hindware’s finest product ranges.

From the start, a dynamic fascia creates a sense of theatrical mystery and intrigue. Once inside, live showers greet the visitor providing soothing sounds and a calming ambience.

Throughout the store, products are displayed in a way that spark ideas in the visitors’ mind about how they can create their own sanctuary within their very own home.

A ‘zen garden of showers’ lets the customer test the different features of the showers, adding to the sense of tranquility evident throughout the journey.  

At various points digital screens tell engaging stories about the brand, their designers and craftsmen and recent technological innovations. The graphic language is sophisticated and minimal allowing individual sub-brands to communicate strongly within their product zones.

The Lacasa brand acts as a platform to unite Hindware products while keeping the distinct nature of each collection alive.

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