Hong Kong Summer Party


Celebrating another successful year of forward thinking, unique design and hard work in Hong Kong, our FITCH studio decided to set sail and soak up the sun at our annual Summer Party.

Everyone was getting excited to see what the planning team had come up with, and thanks to a few hints finding their way to the rest of the office, there was a great buzz. The penny finally dropped for the rest of the team when personalised towels were handed out before we left the office – we were all eager to get going immediately!

When we left the office and set foot on board the ‘Float’, no one was disappointed. Not even the brief hurricane warning, which thankfully passed, could dampen our spirits. It gave our team an opportunity to stop and catch their breath from the long run of pitches and presentations.

Being a creative bunch, there was a lot of thought that went into the decoration. From building a photo spot and filling the room with banners, balloons and props, to the inflatable flamingo drink holders, we went all out. Lackadaisically floating around on giant inflatables in the sun, a couple of drinks, and some good food seemed to be the perfect remedy for any ailments and playing some big group games was the perfect way to get the whole team to reconnect.

Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated (with varying degrees of sunburn!), we headed home after a great day out – holding true to our ‘work hard, play hard’ team spirit.

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