IndoStar Capital is a NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) operating in an extremely competitive space. Due to a decision to expand the company’s focus from just corporate lending to more consumer friendly operations, their management team felt that they needed to relook at their current branding. With this fundamental change of strategy in mind, FITCH was commissioned to reposition and rebrand the organisation.

India’s NBFC industry is saturated with brand identities that use unsophisticated clip art style graphics that lack gravitas and provide little sense of confidence. And at the other end of the scale, identities that look corporate, rigid and generic, with a feeling of being cold and distant.

Having looked at the market and discussed the vision of the organisation with their management team, it became apparent that real change was required. It was clear to us that the identity had to reflect the future of the organisation. We needed to provide a sense that IndoStar was now a provider of opportunities and a catalyst for advancement and better possibilities.

Through the use of a bolder colour palette, a softer logotype, and a brand mark that literally symbolises an upward change in trajectory, we created a friendlier, more powerful identity that proudly positions IndoStar as an organisation that triggers transformational growth for their customers.

The brand completely breaks category conventions and, irrespective of their name, intuitively communicates taking off in life.

IndoStar’s new brand identity provided the organisation with refreshed purpose, meaning and direction. Our work has become the foundation for all brand touchpoints and subsequent brand communications, including a high-profile advertising campaign created by fellow WPP agency, Grey, that builds on the brand idea.

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