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We took a moment to catch up with Sabrina, our design intern, over a coffee break in beautiful Singapore weather.

Sabrina, what brought you to FITCH?

I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in early 2018 with a diploma in Retail & Hospitality Design. Shortly after, I took a gap year to explore other interests and to decide if I should further my studies.

At the start of the year, I worked as a marketing communications executive at a tile supply company. I always had an interest in 2D and Communication Design, so I thought it was an interesting opportunity to challenge myself. I worked on the company’s branding and collateral design and also created content for their social media, such as material and mood boards based on the tiles that were in stock.

Even though I enjoyed my experience in 2D, I also wanted to apply my passion for 3D and Interior Design. I thought it would be ideal to work with the best in both 2D and 3D. So that’s when a friend introduced me to FITCH who was working at their Singapore studio.

What have you learned from your time at FITCH?

To learn and apply a design thinking process. I have become comfortable building customer journeys and doing brand audits. It has also been great to be involved in client meetings so I can better understand their business and their brand.

What are your project highlights?

In terms of 2D, I am currently designing wall graphics for an office environment. This has been interesting as we are working with vinyl as the office is being constructed. I have been involved since the project kickoff and will continue to be involved through delivery. I have learned how to use Adobe Illustrator which has been challenging and fun.

For 3D projects, I designed and created a 3D model for a retail store in Kuala Lumpur. This was an ideal project as the space consists of F&B, workshop and exhibition areas. It is becoming more common for business, hospitality and communal spaces to join together and learn how to design better retail experiences. FITCH’s approach to creating concepts is to think bold, as the retail world is ever-changing so quickly. It is part of our creative process I really enjoy.

What else have you enjoyed during your intern experience?

It’s hard to choose! The people have definitely been a highlight. I love working with passionate designers who are willing to help but also push to challenge myself and my design thinking. It’s a great community and we go out for lunch every day – something I will miss.

I love our ‘Fri-yays’. It’s a fun and casual session at the end of the day every Friday where we recap the week and look forward to the week ahead. There is usually a different theme each Friday. I especially enjoyed our British-themed Fri-yay which was hosted by our 2D design director after his recent trip to Scotland. We were introduced to tea and scones as well as other British drinks.

I have been visiting great retail spaces in Singapore to discover and experience new retail concepts. The other week, the studio did a ‘Retail Safari’ to visit Changi Jewel, Singapore’s new shopping mall at Changi Airport. Because of the wide selection of retail, each shop inside Jewel provides a unique offering to stand out. For example, Naiise features experiences and services such as tea sampling, a gift-wrapping bar and skincare custom lab. The highlight during our exploration was the Changi Experience where we experienced digital attractions and interactive games.

I have genuinely learned a lot at FITCH. I am always included in project discussions, meetings and gatherings. Every day I’m encouraged to be more outspoken and open to ideas.

What’s next?

I was offered the design internship at FITCH around the same time I was officially accepted into The Glasgow School of Art to study Interior Design. I feel lucky to be mentored by both 2D and 3D design directors at FITCH before I start my studies. With the skills I have developed so far, I’ll head into my degree with a positive head start.

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