A Timeless Expression Between Fine Jewellery and the Modern Woman

In India, traditional jewelers provide an indistinguishably uniform retail experience. Choosing to focus more on service than product, there are too many physical barriers for customers to independently shop or interact with the jewellery. Noticing this clear deficiency, Renaissance Jewellery approached FITCH to help them create a breakthrough retail space.

FITCH developed a highly relevant and fully immersive jewellery buying experience, Irasva, for today’s modern Indian woman, based on the central idea of ‘Designed For Self-Discovery’.

Through this flagship store, we have created a fluid, cross-channel journey that breaks down barriers to buying. Customers are empowered to shop their way, through an experience that recognizes their individual needs, while giving them the tools to browse, explore and engage with everyday fine jewellery. A timeless and minimal approach where the brand, product and customer stories are the key focus.

“We wanted to move away from the typical transactional experience that the customer faces elsewhere. Our store designed by FITCH, the global experts in jewellery store design reflects this experience.”

– Leshna Shah, Founder & Creative Head, Irasva

Experience by: FITCH India

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