Is Your Workplace a Flagship of Your Company? (Part 1)

Today, far too many corporate offices are still a representation of the convention – this is our office and partial showcase versus a true embodiment of the brand.

This seems wrong and is precisely what has attracted us to want to begin exploring and developing new concepts around the subject of designing the future of workspace.

We believe applying the rules we’ve learnt from retail design must be applied to workspace. Retail is about walking into the brand – this should also be true of workspaces.

Retail takes a brand and human first approach to create signature experiences. In workspace, we believe by starting with the brand and the audience, new things and conventions will emerge.

Central to all of this is people. All businesses are challenged in terms of attracting the best talent or the best customers and the experience they provide, alongside the product or service they produce.

We are designing the future of workspaces by bringing them closer to audiences. One of which will be the Microsoft APAC HQ in Singapore, due to launch in November 2019. This is a workspace that truly will challenge norms.

By Simon Bell, Managing Director at FITCH Singapore
The expertise of LANDOR & FITCH APAC.

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