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Janice Siu, Business Director of FITCH Hong Kong recently shared her favourite FITCH project with Hong Kong Economic Times and wider team during our weekly ‘Beer O’Clock’, let’s see what Janice shared with us.

Janice, what’s been your favourite FITCH project?

It’s hard for me to just pick one, but Singtel Unboxed is definitely one of my favourites. Unboxed is Singapore’s first 24/7 fully automated pop-up store. it pushes the boundaries of access in the telco industry and beyond. With the design concept based on our PHD Model, Singtel Unbox truly demonstrates the Physical, Human and Digital dynamics throughout the overall consumer journey, which create unique interactions in every touchpoints of the retail.

Speaking of PHD, do you think going online is the golden rule of retail?

As consumers move online, retailers are looking for ways to adapt to digital disruption, to make an impression on modern consumers, and to bring people back into stores. Millennial customers are digital native, and we are all more comfortable to use technology, as it is immediate, in terms of information and shopping. This does not imply that we must transfer all services online, but rather create a continuous journey using a mix of the PHD elements – Physical, Human and Digital.

What are your thoughts on automated retail?

Automated retail has been catching the attention from the market since the reveal of the Amazon Go in the US in 2016, then the launch of unmanned store of Alibaba, JD.com and the Bingo Boxed in China. With the rapid development of AI and security technology, this new retail format is more prevalent than ever before and it’s becoming a core part of brands’ future retail strategy, especially in APAC.

How do you motivate the team to continually generate great ideas in the office?

I believe every creative professionals hit the creative plateau from time to time as we all have the drive to push for newer and better ideas. However, it’s easier said than done as everyone gets their head down on the projects to meet the tight deadline. So whenever there is a need to overcome the creative plateau, I would ask my team for a ‘24 hour creative challenge’, it is a creative generation process starting from internal briefing to initial idea output. I’m glad that we have an amazing and passionate creative team in Fitch Hong Kong, we always come up with awesome ideas by the end of the ‘24 hour creative challenge’. Kudos to our team. 

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to work in the creative industry?

If you are curious about how brands are created and feel inspired in a creative environment, this is the right path for you. Loving and enjoying what you do is essential to the success of a creative career, so be honest to yourself.

By Janice Siu, Business Director at FITCH Hong Kong

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