Joyce, Business Development Manager, Hong Kong


Joyce, what brought you to FITCH?

I graduated with a degree Information Technology in 2003, and since then I’ve worked with big IT firms such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAS and IBM in Philippines and Singapore. My career was focused on selling software and services to support business operations.

15 years later, I made a decision to leave IBM Singapore to be with my partner (now husband) in Hong Kong. A few months later, I learned about FITCH through friends from my Dragon Boat Team and joined the Hong Kong studio. Talk about right place, right time!

FITCH gave me the opportunity to create truly omnichannel brand experiences that go beyond just technology – humanised brand experiences. I love to integrate physical, human and digital (PHD) experiences to help create positive emotional connection with our customers.

What do you like most about being part of FITCH?

I love the team spirit, inclusivity and diversity at FITCH. I thrive in tight knit, highly energised work environments, and I see that every day at FITCH—passionate people strategizing, designing and collaborating together. I believe the best companies are created by team players, bringing the best ideas together to win the hearts and minds of customers. I suppose this comes from my Filipino heritage. We see our colleagues as family, and we celebrate our successes together no matter how small they are.

I’m also immensely grateful for the opportunity to share our vision of the future with clients. In every pitch we do, we put a lot of effort in helping clients imagine what the future could be like in their category, get them into the mindsets of their customers and share big ideas they can explore to make a more positive impact to their clients. We use the PHD framework to create signature digital touchpoints that will truly resonate with consumers.

In recent years, brands focused a lot on technology-driven convenience and efficiencies. Do you believe that human touch and empathy will become more important in the future?

As we move towards a more automated and frictionless future, it will be crucial for brands to create “positive friction”—memorable experiences that make an impact on customers and compel them to come back.

A great example of this in action is the Singtel Flagship Store in Singapore. Here, FITCH focused on customer experience, helping customers explore the connected world through their own life lens. We developed an open and agile space that is rich with digital tools carefully designed to inspire and engage customers—including “Instant Buy” for customers to buy easily with their phones and immediately collect it, 24-hour access to key services via self-service kiosks, intelligent WiFi for personalized service to enable staff to locate customers in the store and even roaming bots for live access to experts from other locations.

Today, Singtel customer satisfaction rate is at its peak, the flagship store is recognized as Best Retail Concept of the Year Award at Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) Retail Awards 2018 and Most Innovative Approach to Customer Experience’ at Telecom Asia Awards 2018. Their connected data ecosystem allowed them to track and store customer feedback for future store/ product improvement.

Another great example would be KitKat Chocolatory, an experiential concept store in Brazil which we just opened. This next generation space is centered around Gen Z customers, who as we know are constantly connected and always wants something new and exciting. FITCH brought this space to life by meaningful interactions, generous service and digital innovations that connects consumers to the wider community of chocolate lovers. This positive and empathetic approach to designing the store created a lot of buzz and was well received by choco lovers worldwide.

A thought starter: Should IT professionals move to creative industry?

Why not! It’s certainly been an eye-opening experience for me, and it’s brought out an imaginative side of me that I wasn’t even aware of. Working at the intersection of creativity and technology, I’ve been able to understand how the two work together to create great experience for people. Technology may make life seamless for people, but it’s the creativity that adds the surprise and delight factor.

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