LOTS Wholesale Solutions
Redefining Indian Wholesale

Makro is one of the leading cash-and-carry brands in the world and an especially well-known name in the Thai retail landscape. Looking to expand their business, they decided to enter India in 2017. FITCH were brought in to help them build an India specific cash-and-carry brand and retail experience for Kirana and HoReCa (or mom and pop) business owners.

We developed a robust and well-articulated brand platform based on being a “trusted partner”, followed by the creation of a new name and identity: ‘Lots Wholesale Solutions’. The name captures the generosity of the brand, the value they add to small businesses, and speaks to their vast product range.

Throughout the space, the key message conveyed is that LOTS operates on a whole new level by empowering local communities. The company delivers value over and above the price by acting as a retail coach for business owners. This begins with the fascia, which creates a strong, bold first impression yet welcoming with its warmth and approachability.

Once inside, shoppers interact with the in-store retail graphics that showcase a dynamic visual language system supported by a silhouette library, reflecting the concept of abundance. The overall graphics style of the space is contemporary; communicating and reassuring shoppers that product quality has not been compromised in order to offer a discounted wholesale price, thereby elevating a usually perfunctory experience.

In addition to bringing the brand to life, we created launch advertising, marketing campaigns, own-label sub-brands as well as new packaging.

In a sector that’s usually disorganized and unkempt, LOTS is highly differentiated and bold, setting a completely new benchmark for the category.

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