Liz, Strategy Director, Hong Kong


We took a few minutes to catch up with Liz, our new Strategy Director in our Hong Kong studio.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I’m half French Canadian and half Swedish but if you asked me where home was I’d say New Zealand; although for the last 6 years Hong Kong has been my base.

I haven’t taken the most traditional route career wise but all my roles have, in one way or another, been focused on designing campaigns, services, systems or experiences in service of humans.

Human is the key word here. It means I’ve spent a lot of time connecting with people and designing empathy building research experiences that unlock the stories within them and the meaning behind their stories. It’s also where I find a lot of my inspiration.

Tell us about a favourite project of yours?

That would probably be a project with Standard Chartered Bank, working to help them fight against financial crime. I’ll be honest, financial crime didn’t exactly make me stand up and take notice to start with.

The original ask was for us to help them communicate their financial crime guidelines in an engaging way. But after speaking to their audience, we realised the guidelines weren’t the problem. It was the fact that most people just didn’t understand the true impact of financial crime from a human perspective, which meant they didn’t care.

In an effort to change this, we decided to focus on telling the stories of the victims and heroes behind financial crime. We travelled to Kathmandu and using a fixer, connected with victims of human trafficking and corruption to hear their stories. It was heartbreaking. And in many cases unbelievable.

We used these stories as an anchor for the campaign which launched in Standard Chartered offices around the world as a series of confronting physical and digital touchpoints. It’s a piece of work I’ll never forget.

What attracted you to FITCH?

A combination of things. Most recently I’ve been working with Li & Fung, they design and source apparel and hardgoods for some of the biggest retail brands in the world. It has given me a really interesting perspective on the industry, one that felt behind the scenes. I wanted to get a different perspective, front and centre. The work I saw FITCH doing was exactly that. And the fact that FITCH specifically has ‘Human’ as part of its approach was really meaningful for me.

What keeps you busy after hours?

Mostly a toddler. Which means my primary hobbies include playing hide and seek, finding raisins stuck in my couch and counting to three. But also I’m a late night artist. For the last 4 years I’ve been painting in the evenings. To relax but I did have my first exhibition about a year ago now which felt like a real achievement.

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