Designed to be a digitally native brand to challenge the established conventions, Lynk & Co continues to revolutionise how cars fit into people’s lives with experience-led technology.

In order to enable greater navigation for autonomous vehicles, the Chinese-Swedish automotive brand will launch a satellite project with GEESPACE by the end of 2020. Lynk & Co will also introduce an AI platform and OmniCloud to utilise the high-precision positioning data collected from the satellites and the industrial internet to enable future mobility, intelligent manufacturing and urban management.

“We see FITCH as a creative partner … not an agency.” said Alain Visser, Senior Vice President at Lynk & Co.

Conceived, designed and developed by FITCH, the business models of the brand focuses on leveraging the sharing economy and new ways for people to engage with the brand digitally. We launched a series of digital applications for Lynk & Co that interface with the car itself, creating a completely seamless experience from purchase to a person’s daily drive. This encompasses a new approach to ownership and car sharing that define Lynk & Co as one of the most disruptive brands in the industry.

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