Splashing Shanghai with Colour

Following the successful launch of the first M&M flagship store concept for Asia, we have continued our partnership with Mars Retail Group to create a refreshed set of experiences for its M&M’s World Shanghai store at the newly renovated Shimao Festival City Mall.

China has been in the forefront of digital offerings and the refresh needed to evolve with changing customer behaviours: people in Shanghai were hungry for personalisation, gifting and social moments. Through these local trends, we developed insights that guide a new set of experience principles: ‘Bold and Brave,’ ‘Witty and Unexpected,’ and ‘Dynamic and Social.’ Each experience principle sets the stage to deliver a seamless and playful journey between physical, human and digital.

The front façade features animated M&M characters looking through the colour lentils that bring delight to passerby. Visitors are invited to a feature spiral staircase with colour changing step and hanging lanterns. There’s even a digital wall that scans customers to create a personalised M&M avatar. With a ‘My M&M’s’ printer that allows personalisation on M&M’s chocolate candies with photos, images or personal messages, and an enhanced ‘Great Wall of Chocolate’ made out of more than 1 million M&M’s, every touchpoint delivers on a vibrant and energetic environment uniquely Shanghai; with spontaneous moments of joy and a dynamic social space for visitors to freely participate and share their personal chocolate experience.

Experience by: FITCH Singapore + Shanghai
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