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Creating A New Health Brand Experience

NSW Health’s Lumos team created an innovative program to bring together de-identified patient information from across the general practice sector and the public health system. Their mission was simple: to deliver a linked primary and acute care data asset that provides reliable information to guide improvements to the health system. Through the power of data, Lumos delivers a unique evidence base about patient journeys that can underpin patient-centred, efficient and effective care across the healthcare continuum.

With an ambitious vision , we needed to create a powerful new brand capable of ignoring conventions and cutting through health landscape clutter. The category adhered to old conventions; it was time to pave the way for a new brand health experience.

Context and challenge 

While the Australian health system is one of the best globally, there is still room for improvement. NSW Health  pioneered an innovative program that links de-identified data from GPs with other health system data such as public hospitals. Until now, NSW Health had not been able to track or connect this vital information.

This was one of Australia's most exciting, new health information innovations. While complex in its mechanic, the brand's success depended on our ability to humanise and simplify a new health experience. The brand needed a new, evocative name - a grand departure from the uninspiring and complicated (work in progress name) 'Primary Care Linkage Project', and an identity that summoned an emotional response yet felt authoritative, trustworthy and credible.

The KPIs were ambitious; the Lumos program aimed to engage 10 Primary Health Networks, 17 Local Health Districts, and recruit over 500 general practices within 3 years of entering scale-up. Our objective was clear: create a brand capable of leading our state into the future of healthcare. To do so, we had to find a way to engage a diverse audience.

Deep Insights 

Data is only useful if it tells a compelling and actionable story.

The new health platform did more than collect data. It connected important data points and, in doing so, dramatically enhanced the health systems understanding of a patient’s health journey.

This platform wasn’t an information aggregator. It was an insightful illuminator, with the insights used to improve the health outcomes across NSW

Originality of idea 

Illumination became the founding idea to inform the full brand experience. Set amongst the over-intellectualised, de-humanised and complicated conventions of the health landscape, this idea challenged everything NSW Health had done before. The category was ruled by stock imagery, and long and unclear messaging.

Illumination was a fresh, new idea in a stale, old category.

Brilliance of execution 

Inspired by the idea of illumination, we named the new brand Lumos - short, evocative and directly connected to the benefit the new platform delivered. The power of data and storytelling sat at the heart of the brand experience. So we created a brand that couldn't exist without data. Using the simplicity of dots as data, we created a joyful visual identity to showcase the project's positive impact on patient outcomes. We challenged ourselves with a limited colour palette to bring to life a collection of topics associated with the program, from aged care to mental, Aboriginal and population Health.

We brought humanity to the identity through a minimal illustration style. Each illustration was carefully composed to represent the diversity of Australia's people, communities, and landscape.

Impact of work 

As Lumos transitioned from pilot to scale-up, it has rolled out to all NSW regions and has successfully linked the data of approximately one million patients over 180 practices participating across all 10 NSW Primary health Networks – figures on track with their 3-year ambitious goals.

Additionally, the brand has established several Lumos-specific collaboratives with wide stakeholder engagement, including the Lumos Implementation Committee, Lumos Stakeholder Reference Group and the Data Governance Committee.
Creative transformation 

The contribution of the data to understanding patient journeys across care settings is clear, even at this early stage. Early insights are already being generated from the data asset, relating primary care services to outcomes in other parts of the health system. The insights so far underscore the potential of the data asset to be a game changer for achieving integration and value-based care with the patient at its centre.

What makes this work extraordinary?

Lumos changed the face of health branding in Australia. Boldly ignoring a decade of stale conventions, the brand was as impactful and disruptive as the technology it was born from.

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