Native union
from an idea to a global brand

Throwback to 2010:

“Tech accessories are the spinach in your teeth of personal style. You can curate everything in your life—clothes, furniture, kitchen—and those boring, plastic wires and nodes are all you end up seeing. Seriously, is there anything more infuriating than a tangle of white (and black and red) wires ruining your carefully designed space, not to mention forever untangling the rat's nest at the bottom of your bag every time you travel?” So said GQ magazine back in 2017 when talking about the challenge being tackled by global lifestyle brand Native Union.

It was this sentiment back towards the end of 2009 that lead John Brunner and Igor Duc to establish a new business—one that put as much design thought into the accessories that went into the core device. They engaged Jonathan Cummings who had just moved to Hong Kong to establish what is now FITCH Hong Kong, and very soon after, Native Union was born. The core brand philosophy was straight-forward—it wasn’t about trying to ‘out tech the tech companies’, but simply to enhance the overall user experience through thoughtful and considered design and the use of high-quality materials. The result is a thriving business that is today distributed through over 50 countries and sold by premium retailers including the Apple Store.

Native Union's product design team is headed by Fabien Nauroy. He and the team have been recognized by several design authorities including the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), Red Dot Design Awards and more. Among the most successful products are a multi-angle, reversible dock turns the charger itself into a design object and allows you to read your watch even when you’re not wearing it; a braided ten-foot-long night cord that comes with a heavy knotted anchor; portable chargers that look more like designer key chains and marble charger docks that turn a desk into something more like a miniature MOMA exhibit and less like a Staples clearance table. 

Jonathan Cummings, President of FITCH Greater China said, “The creation of Native Union was the first project we undertook in the region and really came about from a chance conversation when I shared an office with the founders.  We all stayed in touch as they expanded across the world and I’ve very much enjoyed watching them grow into a global business that is still very much true to the philosophy and positioning we created ten years ago.”

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