A Partnership Centered Around Design

After working together for seven years, FITCH was asked by Nestlé India to be more involved in their business, which lead us to create a dedicated team for Nestlé and its brands. Our closer partnership formed the ‘Nestlé Design Lab’, staffed by FITCH designers who are located at Nestlé India HQ and responsible to help Nestlé embed design at the heart of their business. This blurs the line between agency and client, fosters a culture of creativity and allows us to collaborate seamlessly on a day-to-day basis.

The Design Lab sustains Nestlé’s existing brands as relevant, develops new products in new categories, and creates new formats to meet the constant changes in consumer behaviours. FITCH works across a host of big name brands, ranging from global powerhouse like Kit Kat, Maggi, Nescafé and Milkybar, to domestic icons such as Nestlé a+ dairy range and Munch, a confectionary favourite in India.

Our way of working has several benefits with a flatter working structure that narrows the gap between business strategy and design. This creates new opportunities that are quickly identified, prototyped and launched.

The real impact that our arrangement has brought is this: No longer is design a transaction between client and agency. The traditional and linear process has been replaced by co-created briefs, open collaboration, freely shared ideas, and one united team.

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