Milk has a strong hold on the Indian diet. Whether during breakfast, lunch or dinner—there is always some form of dairy product on the table. While these are the makings of a lucrative category, the problem is that milk is usually locally sourced with its various forms self-prepared at home. This means that for most, milk is a low cost commodity and not something that is actively sought out to buy.

To help Nestlé prosper in this space, FITCH created an independent, dairy-focused brand called A+ that justifies the value it adds to milk.

The first product under the A+ brand was a UHT milk offering. We developed packaging that looks unlike anything else in the market, using a refreshingly clean and modern visual identity. The back of pack story communicates our milk’s stringent quality checks as a proof point against adulteration.

On the success of its first product, A+ launched a host of new dairy offerings, designed by FITCH.

A+ Dahi and Raita: Dahi (yogurt)and Raita (yogurt mixed with spices) are dishes traditionally self-made, not bought. We helped reframe the conversation by introducing A+ Dahi as the perfect solution for time constrained Indians, and A+ Raita as a ‘wellness forward’ option for the nutrition conscious.

A+ Mishiti Doi: Our packaging brings to life this yogurt-based dessert’s origins. The visual language borrows elements from iconic Indian imagery, using provenance to cue authenticity and harnesses nostalgia as the reason to buy.

A+ Greyko: As one of India’s first tastes of Greek Yoghurt, each flavour variant uses tantalising fruit imagery on pack to tempt people to enjoy a delicious blend of health and indulgence.

With its ever growing portfolio as clear proof, Nestlé A+ is a powerful display of results from the close partnership and collaboration between Nestlé India and FITCH.

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