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A year ago when I first started working at FITCH, I was amazed by the activities my fellow FITCHers were hosting internally, from team building through ways of working, personal development by sharing knowledge, celebrating the many different cultures in Singapore, to hosting team outings. Other activities include our weekly “FriYays”, Retail Safari, and our annual Bold Day where the entire studio heads out to an experiential adventure. These moments between the work we do have given me inspiration and the courage to take up the challenge of organising several events, to give back to my colleagues.

One highlight is a FriYay session I organised where I asked FITCHers to quickly sketch portraits of each other in a short period of time. The first time, I asked the team to do their sketches without looking at their paper. The second time, they were allowed to have their eyes open. We all enjoyed comparing the two results and see everyone’s individual artistic flair.

The month of November was especially special because we celebrated two festive occasions. I planned a Team Diwali Lunch and a Halloween Pumpkin carving challenge.

We celebrated Deepavali by providing a wide spread of yummy vegetarian dishes from Komala’s restaurant while our projector was screening a Bollywood film. Our colleague Avni gave recommendations on which dishes to try and how to compliment the ingredients. We were spoiled for choice. Collectively, paneer and dosai were our favourites. The smell of spices, the sounds of musical numbers from the film, and Avni sharing her stories of celebrating Diwali back home really added to an authentic experience. Later that evening, some of us decided to continue celebrating by exploring Little India to soak up the festivities and purchasing a few local snacks for the studio.

Not long after, we celebrated Halloween during a FriYay session. Similar to last year, the team who created the most interesting carved pumpkin would win the prize. Goodie bags filled with candies and chocolates were handed out to each colleague, with the packaging determining their team. We had team Casper (ghost), team Jack (pumpkin), and team Salem (black cat). It was a timed challenge with hardly any rules to allow the creative juices to flow and develop some unique concepts. In the end, team Salem won the challenge and were awarded a free lunch to enjoy together.

As 2019 is almost coming to a close, I’m already looking forward to other activities I’ll be creating and enjoying for the next year ahead.

By Naqib Yusop, Designer at FITCH Singapore

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