Retail Safari, Funan


Funan mall, formerly known as Funan Digitalife mall, was a prime plaza for IT lovers and enthusiasts alike. First opened on June 2019, Funan had flooded social media with its noteworthy design retail approach. Our FITCH Singapore team was one step ahead, and took a trip down to the mall to gather some inspiration.

Physical shopping has shifted lately to be more of an experiential journey, something memorable and enjoyable. The shift from old to new has been due to the rise of e-commerce and the decline of retail businesses; hence, the need for change. At FITCH, we look at new trends and uncover pain points to define better way of retail omnichannel for brands. During our visit, the team was welcomed with a large kinetic time wall that leads to the entrance corridor.

As one enters, there was a notion of suspense which provides an unexpected surprise of a dynamic interior that is unlike a typical mall; it was like being in a hidden cave. The unconventional interior intrigues visitors, allowing them to escape into shopping paradise. Further into the mall, at the heart of Funan’s new space, the towering 25 metre tall ‘Tree of Life’ holds retail pods for product showcases, entrepreneurs, workshops and pop-up concepts. We were impressed by the elements that come together to give visitors a truly innovative and immersive retail experience.

So much so, when Dominic Twyford and Mark D’Costa from our FITCH India studio came to visit a few weeks ago, they went to check out the hype behind the space. Both our studios noted the seamless combination of digital and physical elements: facial recognition, cashless payments, click & collect and digital displays paired with a cycle lane, basketball hoops, a rock climbing wall and quirky seating.

Check out a few of our favourite spots!

By Akidmuzhafar Bin Mohd & Michael Young, Designers at FITCH Singapore

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