Retail Safari, Jewel Changi Airport


Recently our FITCH Singapore team made a field trip to Jewel Changi Airport to check out the hype and see the new retail and dining offerings.

At FITCH, we look at experiences and how they impact consumers from a ‘PHD’ (Physical, Human and Digital) perspective and with this in mind, we picked 5 stores at Jewel that stood out. Each team had to have a look around at their chosen retail and dining outlet and think about its strengths and weaknesses through our FITCH PHD lens. 

We ended our day with a visit to the Changi Experience Studio to discover more about the history of Changi Airport. When you arrive at the Experience Studio, you are handed a guide that becomes the key to unlocking all the experiences. The guide gives you access to 20 different interactive touchpoints ranging from video, information points, photography and games over 9 content zones

One of our favourite touchpoints was the Smile Challenge where one of our Design Directors was voted the best smile of all visitors. We also loved the touchpoint where we got to challenge each other on a runway race powered by cycling. From our visit, we were able to learn a lot about Changi’s history and the technology experiences within the Studio. 

We documented some of our visits on our FITCH MUST SEE Instagram, check it out here.

By Naqib Yusop, Designer at FITCH Singapore

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