FITCH Singapore embarked on another ‘Retail Safari’ where we visited selected retail stores to take inspiration and fuel our creativity. It is an opportunity for us to step away from our working environment and take a moment to be immersed in experiential spaces. We at FITCH design experiences so it’s only natural for us to participate. We constantly ask ourselves, “What is an experience? And what does it feel like?”

Consumer needs rely on both online and offline touchpoints. During our exploration, we have engaging conversations that allow us to recognise trends and spark design feedback to further understand the retail market. It’s also a great way for team bonding!

% Arabica, Orchard A café specialising in premium coffee making.

“See the world through coffee.” Based in Kyoto, Japan, the founder was first inspired when he hung out and studied in Venice Beach, California at a Starbucks. Its unique brand icon ‘%’ projects strongly out from white surfaces with thoughtful tactile detailing.

Design Orchard, main floor An integrated retail fashion space where creativity, commerce, and collaboration meet together.

“Shop Local, Grow Global.” Based in Singapore, a platform where locals express their makings with an interesting approach of integrated digital interactions for a dynamic space.

The Alchemist @ Design Orchard A hidden café that lies on the rooftop with a garden overlooking the heart of Orchard Road.

“We do the alchemy, you enjoy the coffee.” A great space to escape for a moment from the bustling hub with a great view of the heart of Orchard from the rooftop vista.

Raffles Hotel, City Hall
A colonial style luxury hotel.

“True luxury is not just about what you do, it’s about how you feel.” Raffles Hotel was recently renovated while keeping true to what is distinctly Raffles. Named after Sir Stamford Raffles (founder of modern Singapore), the building preserves its strong architecture and historical content.

By Akidmuzhafar, Designer at FITCH Singapore

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