Rethinking Experiences For A World In Transition

For the first time, Landor & FITCH held a 24-hour, around the globe webinar titled, “Extraordinary Brand Ideas for a World in Transition.” It was an opportunity for businesses and clients across different categories to gain insights from 24 thought leaders across 18 locations. As we recognise that businesses face new challenges and must cater to new needs for consumers, Landor & FITCH presented a wide range of actionable topics to start thinking about how brands can evolve and remain future-forward. We believe that by uniting people globally to tackle this together, we can make a positive difference, and to inspire new ways of how creativity can solve changing consumer behaviours.

Some of the topics include seeing how technology is playing a bigger role to meet these new needs—but still requires human connection. Sensorial experiences are also needing to adapt, with brands rethinking what this means. Organisations are facing challenges with how a culture can exist remotely and still have their brands keep their promises to consumers. All challenges that require a transformative solution. 

To view the recordings of each session, head over to our Medium page.

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