Every Driver’s Dream Pit-Stop

Imagine a convenience station that sells petrol, not a petrol station that sells snacks. With 57 petrol stations across Singapore, Shell’s ambition was to develop the non-fuel retail to support long-term growth for the next 15 to 20 years. Created with an emphasis on mobility, connectivity, and timesaving, FITCH worked with Shell to design experience signature touchpoints for implementation into the Tampines Avenue Shell station – a human-centric experience tailored for Singaporeans, to create a sense of freshness and calm in a busy urban environment.

In the forecourt, a new pump design means new innovations from Shell can easily be integrated in the future, such as real-time data to help drivers make better fuel choices. A circular flow of traffic keeps drivers moving forward, not back.

At ‘Deli by Shell’, relax, recharge your phone or pick up a newspaper. Visitors can spend time and enjoy a wide variety of fresh treats, refreshments, and Ready-To-Eat meals injected with local Singapore flavours, while they wait for their vehicle to be serviced at Shell Autoserv. Other facilities like e-commerce collection lockers bring convenience to people on the go, making it a complete community hotspot.

Strategically located on the Tampines Park Connector, ‘Take a brake’ caters to a growing community of cyclists; a meeting point, rest stop, shelter and quick repair station to ensure cyclists and residents are always refreshed and ready to go.

Water from the rainwater harvesting tank is used to water the plants on the ‘Green Walls’ and flush the toilets. Sun tubes reduce the need for electricity to light up the station’s driveway in the day. This sustainability initiative earned the ‘Special Award’ (Public Infrastructure) from the Skyrise Greenery Awards 2017, organised by Singapore’s National Parks Board.

With the success of Tampines Avenue Shell station, Singapore’s 56 other Shell stations will be revamped to this new format over the next few years.

Experience by: FITCH Singapore

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