Singtel Comcentre
A Place to Explore How Technology Can Enhance Lives

For Singtel, it’s not about online vs. offline, it’s simply about being where their customer needs them. After an ambitious drive to establish cutting edge online services, it was time for Singtel to explore new ways to connect with their customers.

Which is why FITCH found ourselves in charge of Singtel’s largest store; the Comcentre, built directly into Singtel’s head office, just next to Singapore’s bustling Orchard Road.

Our role was to take our laser focus on customer experience and exceptional knowledge of creating places and apply them to the Comcentre, to deliver a vision destined to transform Singtel’s entire approach to retail. A store designed for intuitive discovery.

We began by mapping out what customers really need and how the store could play a key role in their digitally integrated world. The truth is that physical retail remained a key part in their relationship with Singtel, being a destination that provides truly personal service, hands-on product access and acts as a 3rd space for many.

We designed a store that’s rich in genuinely useful digital tools & experiences, interwoven throughout a space designed around helping customers achieve their goals. Since its launch, the Comcentre has been awarded ‘Best Retail Concept of the Year’ from Singapore Retail Awards 2018 and ‘Most Innovative Approach to Customer Experience’ from Telecom Asia Awards 2018.

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