Over the course of a few months, people and businesses were faced with a global pandemic and had to change course to living and operating in isolation. For many companies, it’s having to relook at how their people work under these constraints while figuring out how to sustain their values.

As any challenge that falls our way, it’s easy to focus on the gravity of the situation. But it’s also a moment to find opportunities we may have not considered. Coupled with creativity, the possibilities are endless.

As a creative agency constantly thinking about the future (and designing for it), FITCH has taken this opportunity to also focus on itself—its people—with new rituals to foster growth and support one another to deliver great work.

We asked our offices across APAC to share their screens and show how they support each other and stay connected.

Making the most of video calls

FITCH Hong Kong has been using video conferencing tools like Teams to collaborate on projects and get work done efficiently. On April 3rd, they hosted the 2nd ‘Extraordinary by Design’ sharing session online where FITCHers from all studios in Greater China shared innovative design concepts inspired by the spread of Covid-19 and the new reality we live in. Moving forward, they continue to deliver quality work while being physically apart yet emotionally (and collectively) close.

FITCH Singapore asked themselves, “How do we continue to support, share inspiration, and still sustain our culture?” They created ‘FITCH Face Time’ where everyone virtually meets every morning for a quick hello and sense check to make sure everyone is feeling alright. These sessions have grown as an opportunity for our colleagues to share their passion projects and inspiration. It really sets the day on a positive note.

Sharing skill sets

FITCH Singapore has been conducting ‘FITCH Academy’ sessions where colleagues can facilitate a workshop to teach new skills. Although it’s been done before at the studio, having it done virtually allows everyone to immediately see every individual’s progress which encourages more conversation and more learning.

Breakfast and lunch dates

Sometimes interesting moments happen naturally which really reflects a part of our culture. We realise that more of us are curious to see what we eat, and sharing our meals has been entertaining and appetising.

Moments of play

We knew it was important to have a little fun and to keep spirits high. FITCH India took this opportunity to host a live music concert through the ‘WPP Tune:In’ sessions. FITCH Singapore has been developing their own ‘FRI-YAY Pub Quiz’ to cap the week with a few laughs and drinks.

Collectively across APAC, we’re seeing each other more than ever. Our new learnings and experiences have shaped how might we move forward as an agency and have created more connections that ultimately fuel our culture to create our best work.

By Wilfred Castillo, Senior Design Strategist at FITCH Singapore

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