TATA Motors

Reframing an iconic auto brand

Reframing India’s most iconic auto brand to create new relevance with a younger generation of drivers.

TATA Motors is India’s largest automotive company. Despite decades of success, the 70+ year-old business found itself out of step with the younger Indian consumer.

To counter this scenario, TATA Motors went through a rebranding process based around a new positioning statement, “Connecting Aspirations”. FITCH India was commissioned to develop a fresh retail experience for its 1000+ dealership network that would demonstrate and bring to life this brand purpose.

Our phase of Discovery uncovered vital insights about both brand and consumer. We discovered that TATA Motors has a wealth of positive stories that were as yet untold. With new and more advanced vehicles set to be launched, there was a greater commitment to designing modern vehicles with younger appeal. We also found that young consumers had great pride in the TATA Motors brand and its Indian heritage but felt disconnected from it.

The brand was considered to be the car that your father would drive. So, while there was a deep desire to support the brand, it was held back by these dated associations.

Our solution was to shape a new vision for the brand at retail that would reframe how the brand was presented.

The customer journey was reconsidered through the perspective of a newer audience to match their needs and desires. This meant creating a smoother buying process, providing seamless integration between physical and digital experiences and decluttering the space through a new system of vehicle displays, optimised for improved visibility and storytelling opportunities.

A community hub that includes a café and localised artworks was developed as well, to improve dwell time and provide new reasons to visit the showroom and engage with the TATA Motors brand.

The end result is a transformed experience that reinvigorates TATA Motors at retail and helps their customers appreciate, understand and buy.

Truly, connecting aspirations.

Experience by: FITCH India

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