The Other Roof
Escape To The Other Roof

We helped The Other Roof, a cocktail bar tucked away in Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood, create a space where visitors are invited to an experience with a twist on contemporary drinking.

Using impeccable service infused with tea-finishing spirits and cocktails, FITCH created the idea of ‘Imaginative Escapism’ that is rooted in the vibrancy and colour of New Orleans and the spontaneity and imagination that is part Jazz culture mixed with the time old tradition of tea drinking.

The visual identity is filled with tropical cues, a nod to Singapore’s lush greenery. Illustrations are at the heart of the brand and are crafted with a sense of nostalgia. And the drink menu features illustrations to add magic into how each unique concoction is made.

The logotype is inspired by the location and space, from the bold and rounded letterforms paired with a refined ‘f’ to reflect the visual contrast of old and new while the horizontal lines hint the multiple floors of its shophouse destination. The interior design is colourful, bold and modern sprinkled with moments of the past.

The Other Roof is not your ordinary cocktail bar. It’s a secretive space where visitors can escape and replenish their minds.

Experience by: FITCH Singapore 

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