We are proud to announce that three FITCH projects, including two from our Hong Kong studio have been internationally recognized on the list of 2020 World Retail Awards finalists. Singtel UNBOXED, KitKat Chocolatory São Paulo and the BMW Penthouse concept in China are up for Outstanding Store Design awards with just twelve other projects on the shortlist.

Launched in 2007, World Retail Awards is the industry’s biggest peer reviewed awards programme in the world, recognising the very best retailers and retail initiatives across a range of categories.

Singtel UNBOXED seamlessly combines a state-of-the-art physical structure with human service (despite being unmanned), along with intuitive digital touchpoints. It is a truly extraordinary unmanned and portable experience that offers customers a full range of services at locations convenient to them 24 hours a day.

Inspired by the epitome of modern luxury living in China, BMW Penthouse is a completely new customer-centric dealership concept that seamlessly knits together the physical, human and digital elements to create a space people want to spend time in beyond just the products. It looks, feels and behaves like a boutique luxury hotel or welcoming Penthouse apartment.

An elevated digital experience weaves through the entire KITKAT Chocolatory’s space, with product gamification, personalisation and mixed realities delighting visitors. This beautifully crafted #createyourbreak experience offers a break from the ordinary, designed around disruption and shareability.

Congratulations to our clients, and well done to our Singtel team and BMW team in Hong Kong, along with Nestlé team in London; we will see you at the virtual World Retail Congress and Awards on 17th Sept.

Check out the work we have done for Singtel UNBOXED, BMW Penthouse, and KITKAT Chocolatory.

View the 2020 shortlist here.

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