How do you prepare today’s disenfranchised youth for tomorrow? Empower them with the means to pursue their dreams.

This has been the driving thought behind the WPP CSR Foundation’s vision of uplifting India’s under-served youth through improved education and informed livelihood choices.

To make this a reality, FITCH was brought on board to create an alternate space for learning inside one of the largest schools in Nalasopara, a Mumbai suburb, to help its students harness their ambition, drive and hunger to grow via two special student spaces:

Maker’s Lab 
A collaborative zone designed to encourage, inspire and motivate children to come and learn. With facilities such as a tinkering space, a robotics arena and a flexible design, students are taught everyday skills like critical thinking, problem solving and how to work better together. 

Livelihood Centre
With discussion & workshop areas, private cabins and a computer lab, this zone’s purpose is to get older youth job ready by helping them transition from education to profession. Here, they can access vital services such as mentorship, personality development and career counselling, combined with training in interview preparation and financial literacy.

Alongside these physical spaces, we also developed a contemporary design language to boost student morale. This includes using a rousing tone of voice to create motivation. Bold colours & typography to connote a sense of confidence and positivity. Stylised, minimalistic iconography and illustrations to make everything easy to understand. Every surface has been specifically designed to serve a purpose, with some walls even actively adding to the learning experience via interactive graphics.

The overall impact is an environment that doesn’t just tell children what to do, but also shows them the best way to get things done. And the results clearly show that it’s working. With outcomes such as increased motivation, lowered drop-out rates and a higher rate of attendance, it’s clearly a space the children wanted as well.

We’ve taken something that was considered overwhelming, difficult and tedious, and made it into a genuinely inspiring experience that draws children in, shows them a way to a better life, and helps them achieve their potential.

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