ZEE5 Loft
Food With A Side of Fun

ZEE5 is a new video on demand platform created by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. Looking to expand their audience base in India, ZEE5 approached FITCH India to create a new experience to attract the millennial demographic. Instead of waiting for people to find ZEE5 on digital channels, we conceptualised and designed ZEE5 Loft, a café concept to help the brand engage directly.

In a heavily saturated, homogenous market of cafés, we decided to create a clutter-breaking, community space. Built on the premise that this is ‘Your Space’, the audience is encouraged to customise their own experience through both physical and digital.

ZEE5 Loft is a ‘living portal to the digital eco-system’ of their platform, where it plays a dual role of providing multi-sensory localised entertainment and food with theatre, while also creating live content by hosting talent auditions and events. The space is divided into two zones: a ‘Lit’ zone, where all the action takes place and a ‘Chill’ zone, where customers can relax and spend time engaging with various forms of entertainment.

We introduced elements such as double height chalkboard walls for people to leave their mark, a DIY bicycle blender to create their own shakes and smoothies, and a library with entertainment options ranging from books and board games to VR headsets and digital games. The food offering is brought to life in the self-serve open kitchen featuring DIY sandwich stations and beverage counters with pizza ovens where customers can see the theatre of their food being made.

We have helped ZEE5 open up eight locations and more are planned. By rejecting the typical ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, each ZEE5 Loft is unique, taking on the personality and character of its city location.

Experience by: FITCH India
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